Monday, April 11, 2005

Oh what a revival, Ta-li-ban!

Revival of the Taliban;

The vast majority of Taliban commanders retreated to Pakistan or adopted a low-profile private life in Afghan villages pending Mullah Omar finalizing a new guerrilla strategy similar to that adopted by the Iraqi resistance. The results of this are expected to manifest themselves within a few months.

M'eh, this is Musharraf's problem.. perhaps.

PS The title of this post should not be construed as being celebratory of the article.

And so on: Tom Engelhardt;

The U.S. military and our intelligence services have had a free hand in setting up various detention centers, prisons, and holding camps (where anything goes and no law rules) that add up to a foreign mini-gulag stuffed with prisoners, many not Afghan, beyond the reach of any court. Our fourteen airfields and growing network of bases and outposts are now to be "upgraded" as part of a 'strategic partnership" with an Afghan government that we put into power and largely control.

I wish I could go back to those blissful days prior to my reading of PNAC's 'Re-building America's Defenses'.