Thursday, May 05, 2005

Second oldest profession spoofed

'Daily Show' Personality Gets His Own Platform

However unintended, it was the perfect crucible in which to forge the career of a fake newscaster. In each interview, the Colbert character tends to project far more knowledge than he actually has, and is always a little off in his take.

His character has also been known to break into song with a guest - as he did during an interview with Senator Bob Graham of Florida, who was goaded by Mr. Colbert into teaching him his campaign jingle.

Asked if there would be similar musical interludes on "The Colbert Report," Mr. Colbert said, "That's safe to say."

He added, "You can't hide that light under a bushel, to quote Jesus for comic effect."

Sh*t, as if I need another reason to fork out for cable... but, I'm just not ready to start paying for... IT.