Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A structure is only as stong as the frame

Howard explodes at MPs' revolt;

Three Liberal MPs gave notice in the party room yesterday that they would introduce two private member's bills that would soften mandatory detention for asylum seekers.

The move by Petro Georgiou, Bruce Baird and Judi Moylan attracted the public support of another MP, Russell Broadbent, and caught Mr Howard visibly off guard.

He forcefully told MPs that the Government owed its political success to the policy and that he would not be changing it or allow a conscience vote. Those at the party meeting described his mood as "very, very angry". He insisted Mr Georgiou defer his bills until next Tuesday when the party could hold a full-scale debate.

The thought of Howard lsoing control of himself and the Liberal party warms the cockle of my heart.

Its a pity the Labor party won't support the 'renegade' Libs' bill.