Wednesday, June 08, 2005

They died for them to die

Desert Graves in Northern Iraq Yield Evidence to Try Hussein;

The burial site - a series of deep trenches that held about 2,500 bodies, many of them women and children - is one of many mass graves that dot the country. But it was the first excavated by an American investigative team working with a special Iraqi tribunal to build cases against Mr. Hussein and others in his government.

See, Huh? Ay? This is why the Co-alition of the Willing had to lie its way into an invasion of this country and start dropping bombs on civilians. Pulverising their flesh, transforming them into what is described by professional fighting types as 'red mist'.

The Iraqi civilians killed as a result of the invasion, died cause Saddam was a murderer and was going to start hurling WMD's at the rest of the World (honest).

Iraq has no economic or Global-strategic significance whatsoever. None.

Good job, Dubya, Rummy, Uncle Dick, Blair, Howard and the rest of you evil war-mongering f*ckers.

In Dubya's words, "The consequences are.. are.. difficult."

You dumb f*ck.