Monday, September 26, 2005

Another loss of Aussie 'prestige'

Hicks lawyer confident on British claim

During a chat about the Ashes cricket series with his Pentagon lawyer Michael Mori, Hicks revealed his mother was British and had never taken out Australian citizenship.

A law change in 2002 entitled him to register as a British national.

Major Mori has since lodged an application on behalf of Mr Hicks for dual British-Australian citizenship.

The British Government refused to allow any of its nine inmates at Guantanamo Bay to be tried by a military commission because it said the trials failed to uphold basic standards of international justice.

It successfully demanded the repatriation of its citizens and all were set free.

This is some great news, despite it representing another 'win' for the UK.

This morning on ABC radio, in trying to justify the authoritarian laws his government are proposing, Howard went on for great length about how he was working hard to protect Australian Citizens from attack.

When questioned about Hicks having to go to the Brits for protection he clammed up and said he didn't want to discuss it.

Yeah, you should be embarrassed. Little twerp.

Lock Howard up for 2 weeks without charge, I reckon. Thinking that he is doing his best to protect Australians certainly fills me with terror.

If he makes it to the UK, I hope somebody tells Hicks not to run for a train.