Friday, January 13, 2006

Wouldn't piss on it, if it was on fire

I should have thought first: flag burner sentenced to jail:

Khawaja apologised to Australians, saying he regretted setting alight a flag taken from the Brighton-le-Sands RSL and helping to burn it in front of a crowd of 150 people the night of the riots on December 11.

I'm all for locking people up if they start thumping others, but for burning a piece of fabric?

For Christ's sake!

What an insecure lot we seem to be.

Update: Speaking of insecure. Note the fact that most of these racist fools don't even reside in Cronulla, probably never have and hopefully never will (My condolences if they live in your burb). Those that are going to jail will soon find that the Anglos don't rule on the inside. Good luck fella's, you will have to learn to co-operate and be very respectful or, cop an almighty hiding which you won't recover from.

Update II: Just to confirm and perpetuate the idea of groupthink, here's post from Anonymous Lefty on the flag burning article (though much less obtuse than mine, of course).