Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Do conservatives really exist?

Newshounds on Fox:

BOR: Why should I pay $25 for this book/

JAN: Because it will show you how the government is so out of control, how the federal government thinks it can do whatever it wants, how it recognizes no limitation on its power, how it denies liberty that Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence called inalienable, and it will warn you - well, you know this because you have to put up with me almost every day - but it will warn the reader that it is time to do something that recognizes no restraint on its power. (Music is fading in.)

BOR: But Bush/Cheney says the power of the presidency has been watered down.

JAN: The power of the presidency has been expanded beyond our imagining, and these guys are just as bad as the Democrats before them when it comes to abusing power.

BOR: All right, there it is: The Constitution in Exile, Judge Napolitano.

Damn straight.