Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Manage the damage

NYT's op-ed columnist, David Brooks, tacitly admits that the Iraq invasion is a major political fuck-up (yeah, yeah, thousands dead, too. You happy now Mr 'turn the place into glass' Dennis Miller?):

For in the midst of the inquisition all of American liberalism has been reduced to one issue, the war. Just as some edges of the pro-life movement reduce all of conservatism to abortion, the upscale revivalists on the left reduce everything to Iraq, and all who are deemed impure must be cleansed away.

Oh, so we should just drop it and move on? Nice one, Brooks, you shill. The Iraq War is just one manifestation of the evil which fills the war supporters and their conservative brethren

The op-ed article is a pay-per-view but this fella's blog has it complete.