Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An inconceivable truth

Well, it seems my belief that us humans were affecting the planet’s environment was incorrect.

A belief derived from the opinions of many scientists, based on their research.

Damn you mendacious sciency folk! You’ve made me look the fool. At least a much bigger one than usual (like that time in March ’03 when I said the US would be in Iraq for at least 5 years, likely 10. Boy, do I have egg on my face).

In the past month or so, the Howard Gov’t have started getting all nuts’n berries on us and freakin’ out about the state of the environment. As far as a shift in policy direction goes this ain’t no U-turn, more like a rally style hand-brakie, with similar amounts of wheel spinning, dust generation and flying gravel associated with such manoeuvres.

Spectacular action!

But, based on past performance, it is highly likely that the Howard Gov’t is wrong and/or lying out of their o-rings about the existence of global warming (and its equally unamusing spin-offs) is one, too.

ergo: Global Warming does not exist and/or its effects are being overstated.

I have now joined the global warming skeptics club.. and I tell ya, it feels great.