Monday, November 27, 2006

Incompetent funding of Saddam

David Marr:

Cole never had the power to investigate the Government's competence. But surely he cannot let the issue go unremarked. We have come down this long track only because, as the world tried to bleed Saddam dry with sanctions, for AWB and the Government it was business as usual.

Remember.. Saddam, according to the Australian Gov't, was the biggest threat to the safety of humankind at the time (That's a big bitch!).

Back to the present:

The report, obtained by The New York Times, estimates that groups responsible for many insurgent and terrorist attacks are raising $70 million to $200 million a year from illegal activities. It says $25 million to $100 million of that comes from oil smuggling and other criminal activity involving the state-owned oil industry, aided by “corrupt and complicit” Iraqi officials.

Well then, Downer is still keen, so if we still had a functioning AWB around they could get at least $300M to 'the enemy'.