Sunday, February 11, 2007

The green room

Surf’s Upscale as Sport Reverses Beach Bum Image:

Surfing, once the sport of Hawaiian kings, has come full circle. After becoming a counterculture activity for beach bums and bohemians, it has emerged as a status sport, like skiing and golf.

Ah, yes, trust the Seppos to have a red hot go at f*cking up a wonderful thing like surfing by commodifying the learning process.

Thankfully, it is a damn sight harder than golf and unlike those lazy skiing goobs, with their chair lifts and the like, it takes a heap of determination to paddle out to the point, 'out the back', where you catch the waves (I'm ignoring the tow-in jet-ski threat).

So, would be kooks thinking of becoming floating obstacles, surfing sucks, don't even try it. Stick to your networking games like golf and tennis.