Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Compass of Fury

British Army Leaves Basra:

British commanders have countered that their continued presence draws attacks and that the main problem in Basra is not an insurgency but criminal gangs.

“General Mohan’s strategy is that we come out of the city because it allows him to deal with the Iraqis himself without the presence of the multinational forces, which are clearly a magnet for indirect fire at the moment,” Brig. James Bashall, commander of the First Mechanized Brigade, said in July. “If we are out, then it makes it easier for the Iraqis to deal with Basra themselves.”

'Easier' will certainly leave it a long way from easy. Still, as was obvious from day one of the occupation, the presence of foreign forces is generating a lot of angst and is hindering the chances of Iraq sorting itself out.

The Brits, as usual, more reasonable than the next invading/occupying force (no doubt from their experience in Northern Ireland) are moving in the right direction.

Unfortunately, further murder and mayhem cannot be avoided. Nice work team.