Saturday, September 13, 2008

Team Republican Bench: Weak

The Sarah Palin / Charlie Gibson interview is tough to watch. I was embarrassed for her and I wanted her to look bad! There are multiple facepalm and peek through finger moments.

Juan Cole provides comments on some of Palin's responses:

Sarah Palin revealed herself in the Charlie Gibson interview on ABC to be nervous,uninformed, green and generally not ready for prime time. The interview was full of stock phrases she was made to memorize, and which she repeated over and over again when stumped. She knows nothing about how Iran is run, or about Pakistan, or about al-Qaeda, and even is ignorant of the Bush doctrine of preemptive warfare. It was a shockingly bad performance.

I wonder if she can spell tomato?

Its also kind of weird that she refers to McCain as.. well, 'McCain', which may seem normal in isolation, but consider that most everyone else is referred to by their first name.

How well does she know the guy, really?

"John? Who do you mean, Charlie?"