Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Give me Taser

Increased use of Tasers

A number of the stories in the Amnesty report involve police use of tasers on people who were already restrained, including two who were strapped to gurneys and on their way to, or already inside, hospitals. In one such case in Pueblo, Colo., "a police officer applied a taser to the man while he was restrained on a hospital bed, screaming for his wife," said Amnesty.
"That was a case where a rookie officer did not understand appropriate use of a taser," says Pueblo Police Chief Jim Billings. Although the incident involved a misunderstanding of policy, rather than maliciousness, he says, the officer received "a pretty heavy suspension."

Misunderstanding the policy? What are they saying, the policy is not to stop a man screaming for his wife, looking like a sook in public? Damned non-right wing, anti-pro-authoritarian, non-4wd driving luvvies.
No wonder I feel so emasculated due to my inability to sweet talk the princesses whom catch my eye and respond to my advances with a glazed look and a raised middle finger. Here I was, thinking it was my fault.