Friday, May 06, 2005

I liked it so much....

First They Came for the Teachers;

The emerging arrangement will be thus: the Christian Zionists will set social policy—gays hunted down and tormented, abortion doctors sentenced to death, Social Security and social programs eliminated, dozens of government agencies turned over to “faith-based” proselytes and wide-eyed rapture deluded mental cases—and the far right “conservatives” and neocons will run foreign policy—all war, all the time, especially in the Middle East, nuclear war against North Korea, and a big campaign against Cuba and Latin America, where progressive political movements opposed to neoliberal loan sharking and election fixing are finally gaining momentum. Of course, this will necessitate a return to conscription, or bullet-stopper slavery, since so-called “recruitment” (shamelessly tricking poor kids into fighting for the rich man’s empire) numbers are way down and there simply are not enough bullet-stoppers in the chute to invade Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and all the other “rogue regimes,” as defined by Bush’s handlers and evil geniuses from Zionist-dominated so-called think tanks and foundations.

Can't wait. I've purchased shares on the cheap, there is only upside.