Sunday, May 29, 2005

The old grey mare..

'But I Neeeeeed It!' She Suggested;

Jen Lang, 17, a high school senior from Erial, N.J., who also works at Buzz Marketing, said: "I used to make fun of my friend. He had a Nokia phone that was so four years ago."

"Unfortunately," she added, "he just got a new camera phone. It was like $400, so now I'm behind."

You f*ckin' idiot.

I shouldn't go anywhere near the NYT's 'Fashion & Style' section, there is always an article which gives me the shits. A story on a must-go club in So-Ho or, a must eat dish at some festy restaurant or, whatever.

I think I read this section for some sort of penance. More likely I want to see what vacuous consumerism looks like from this perspective and be disgusted in order to avoid going anywhere near this sort of thing.

Alls I want is a new board to replace my 6'6'' for those overhead swells and a decent wetsuit to keep me in the water for 2 hour + sessions in winter.

Function over fashion.

Though I must admit, I seem to be addicted to purchasing DVD's online. Mostly 70's and 80's releases which aren't available from the local rental library.

I fear I may not be able to stop.

I neeeeeed it!