Saturday, June 18, 2005

Howard: Grand Master of political chess

Tim Dunlop's post, 'The terrorists win', on the changes to Australia's immigration process, which Howard recently announced, attracted a couple of comments from Democrats senator, Andrew Bartlett. Both of his comments limning the reality of the situation. This is the last part of his second:

How people react to this in terms of political assessment or tactics is one thing, but no one should kid themselves that it's a meaningful positive reform to the law. Any 'right' that cannot be leggaly (sic) enforced and depends on a Government Minister to exercise their discretion if they feel like it is a 'right' that can be ignored or taken away depending on the political or personal circumstances of the time.

The 'Kath and Kim' voters out there will be sold. Any change will be seen by this mob 'as a good thing', 'for the best'. They'll give themselves a big pat on the back and return to their cyclical program of compassion.

For f*cks sake! How stupid are Australians? Or worse.. how selfish?