Friday, June 17, 2005

Luck is a fortune

Home team made all the difference:

DOUGLAS Wood sounds like a terrific fellow. Dry sense of humour. Fondness for VB. More interested in his precious Geelong footy club than recounting his traumatic misadventures in Baghdad.

When I heard the news yesterday morning, my heart lifted. And I must say, with all due respect to those who have suffered/sacrificed and are suffering and sacrificing in this used and abused playground of the war profiteers, F*ck yeah!

This story sums up Australia's adventure in Iraq. Apart from an Australian who was part of the RAF, we've lost nobody in the armed services. Politically speaking, the man who has benefited the most, the man who made the decision in taking us into this 'war of choice', John Howard. He should buy a lotto ticket.