Sunday, July 24, 2005

As thick as two short planks

So.. this is the wonderful stoicism we are currently reading about?

Police said initially he was connected to bomb blasts around the capital the previous day, but said overnight that was not the case.

Officers were concerned by the fact the man was wearing a thick coat on a warm day - prompting fears he might be concealing explosives - and shouted for him to stop when he entered Stockwell station.
according to a witness was eventually cornered on a stationary train, where a plain-clothes officer fired five shots into his head at close range.

Police said overnight that the man had been subsequently found to be unconnected to the bom
He fled, and bings, describing his death as "a tragedy".

A lot of cops seem to be bearers of little intellect. 'Giant-brains' as my Dad would call folks such as this.

5 shots.

Good work, team. Feelin' safe with you fools runnin' about with your pants around your ankles.