Sunday, July 17, 2005

Un-Australian import

Risks of abundant tolerance:

Birrell says Australia does not yet face the British problem of the propagation of radical Muslim ideas such as separate schools and sharia law. But he sees dangers in the advocacy by some among the Left in Australia of a form of multiculturalism that promotes diversity, plays down the importance of integration and is critical of the Australian heritage. "Where you have a highly flexible, open, permissive, even encouraging form of multiculturalism, you are setting the scene for the maintenance and even flourishing of doctrines which from the mainstream point of view are not healthy," says Birrell.

Here we go. The ol' "Our intolerance has made us a target? Hey, look over there!" trick.

How about we blame our Government's actions for once? With a view to taking responsibility for the suffering we cause and perhaps adjusting our approach. It takes two to tango. This supposed vacuum they suggest we exist is wilful ignorance.

The World is a mine-field, you have to watch where you step.

Associating the Left exclusively with nasty ol' tolerance (in this context, our enemy) is a nice touch, too. Special demagogue sale: two for the price of one.