Wednesday, July 13, 2005

RWDB gnash-fest

This post over at Troppo Armadillo People are not “vermin”, managed to stir up a heap of 'conspicuous indignation' which inspired comments like this:

Future JDAM victims, thanks Mike, or maybe "cluster bomb martyrs". How about "he who is helped to hell by hellfire"?
Posted by PB at July 11, 2005 11:29 PM (permalink)

The amount of hate in these guys, I can easily imagine them becoming killers.

But of course, in typical cowardly fashion they tap away on keyboards and jerk off while writing fantastic stories about missiles killing terrorists and making sure they get to bed early so they can get to their shitty IT job the next day.

'PB', you are a murder-mongering freak.

Get back to work, fool.