Friday, July 08, 2005

Of course, f*cking of course!

Terrorist Attacks Prove War Supporters Right, Anti-War Invited To Renounce Support For Terrorism:

There can be no question these attacks prove that our bold resolve in taking the Total War Against Terror to the enemy needs to be bolder and more resolute. More domestic security measures need to be put in place. To do less would be to accept dhimmitude. To those ghouls and graverobbers who would use the tragedy to further their narrow partisan agenda, I say for shame! You've learned nothing at all from the previous attacks, have you? I used to be an anti-war leftist, but not any more. I realize now Bush and Blair were much wiser than I thought. I don't agree with them on everything, but this is an emergency! I bid thee farewell, oh Chomskyite absolutists and libertarian misanthropes. I urge you to renounce your support for terror. 9/11 should have changed everything for you, as it should have for me. Oh woe that I took for granted the civilization that nurtured and protected me. Those of you who still hold out will get no sympathy from me. To the families of the dead, I feel your pain. I saw what happened on teleivision and I, for one, have finally learned the lessons of 9/11. I will comfort you with increased support for the Total War Against Terror and seek to post regularly at Moonbat Central.