Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Vizard: Crook

Door left open for Vizard return:

Mr Bracks praised Mr Vizard for the "excellent work" he had done in the past and said it was possible he could resume his roles on the boards of two government corporations if he avoided a ban from acting as a company director.

Vizard is another crook.

They locked up Rivkin, for good reason and HE wasn't even on the board of the companies of which shares he illegally traded.

Adler? Witless goose and a crook.

Vizard. Obviously not cunning enough to overcome his greed and flash as a rat with a gold-tooth. Never did like his style of 'comedy'.

Why is he going to stay out of jail? Mates on both sides of the political cartels.

And to rub salt in to the wounds and to increase Rivkin's revs as he spins away, they're going to let him back in to the fold and potentially allow him to abuse his position, again.

Corporate Governance is a f*cking sham.