Sunday, July 03, 2005

Social cynicism

Robert Corr:

The union rally in Perth on Thursday was truly inspiring. About twenty thousand people — “more than twice initial expectations” — gathered at the cultural centre to hear about the effects of Howard’s proposed industrial relations regime.

Which takes me to Andrew Bratlett's comment:

If you are hoping that Labor’s chances to win will improve, I don’t think Howard controlling the Senate is bad news at all. I agree with Mark that it actually offers some political opportunities for Labor, as well as for stronger community support for some social justice issues.

My comment: If the 'great white hope' of the Australian people is Labor, then we're in strife. Even while in opposition, Labor's policies are little different from the Liberals and they will do little to roll back any legislation brought in over the next couple of years. Labor will demonise the Libs for the changes and then use the legislation like demons if they ever get back into government again.