Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Beautiful minds scattered

Al Jazeera:

Seven US marines have been killed in western Iraq, the US military says.

The soldiers were killed on Monday near Haditha, a town on the Euphrates river 200km (120 miles) northwest of Baghdad, said Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Boylan, a US military spokesman.

It was not immediately clear if they were killed in a single attack or if they died in separate clashes with fighters.

The deaths bring to just over 1800 the number of US soldiers who have died since the start of the war in Iraq in March 2003.

In the past month, nearly 60 have died, including five who were killed in roadside bomb attacks in Baghdad at the weekend.

While the families of those killed wait to be told of their loved one's deaths, we can ponder the lies which lead to this situation and the idiot's braggadoccio as retort - "Bring 'em on."

It ain't right.