Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Corrupted messenger

US says it has new evidence British MP took bribes from Saddam;

Appearing before the sub-committee in May, Mr Galloway ridiculed Mr Coleman and rejected as "utterly preposterous" accusations he profited from the defunct oil-for-food program. A spokesman for Mr Galloway, Ron McKay, said the politician was willing to appear in a US court if charged with perjury. Earlier, Mr Galloway released a statement saying: "I have not made a penny out of oil deals with Iraq or indeed any other kind of deal."

This'll be good. I hope Galloway's comments regarding the US's drive to invade Iraq also get an airing. I was cheering, if only for the fact that no local pollie was prepared to stick the boot in.

Also, this has nice synergies with the Plame game.