Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Krazy Kartoon Kapers

John Sugg fills a few gaps in the story of how the infamous drawings of Mohammed came to be;

So, let’s look at the guy who started this whole cartoon escapade. He’s Flemming Rose, the cultural editor of the Danish newspaper. In all of the Lexis-Nexis database of stories from the American media on the Mohammed cartoons, there is absolutely no mention of the fact that Rose is a close confederate of arch-Islamophobe Daniel Pipes.

Crew looking for trouble and… found it!

Further context is provided by the fact the same paper refused to do a similar job on Christ (and Christians).

There’s a bit of useful idiot in all of us. How sweet.

I gotta say, I’m enjoying the Leunig/Chaser fiasco, so far. Those crazy kids from Chaser can do no wrong in my eyes.