Wednesday, May 10, 2006

PJK: Mythbuster

Ken Parish, after watching the Great One (that'd be Keating to you non-believers) on last night's 7:30 Report, reckons he should be drafted back in to the Labor party in order to kick some Liberals-are-supreme-economic-managers-myth butt.

Though I agree with his reasons for, I don't agree with the idea.

Keating can do as much damage to the Libs by popping up in the media, as he has been doing. What the Labor party could do is associate themselves with him (and Hawke) a little more. Instead of attempting to distance themselves from his legacy, demonstrate a bit of pride and when they do it, point out why.

Sure, Labor could do this with Keating back in the fold, but he'd turn off plenty of folk, too. Labor need the legacy, not the man.