Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Beyond the front cover

In case your interested about the region where our team is responsible for a whole heap of stress..
Zarqawi's death angered some Jordanians, poll shows:

Meanwhile, the survey revealed a slight shift in opinion regarding perceptions of Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda; the June 18 to 23 survey showed that 41.1 percent of respondents considered Al Qaeda to be a terrorist group compared to 48.9 percent in a December 2005 poll that followed the bombings.

Observers are in agreement that people's anger over the bombings has subsided since then and that the recent developments in Iraq and "the US-blessed" Israeli assault on Gaza explain this shift in perception.

The survey also showed that the Jordanians distinguish between "Bin Laden's Al Qaeda" and "Iraq's Al Qaeda"; 54 percent of the national sample considers the group in Iraq to be a terrorist one, while 15.6 percent still see it as a legitimate resistance group.
77.3 percent labeled US operations in Iraq as "acts of terrorism."

Well, I'm with that 77.3 percent.

Whenever I see the twin towers in a movie scene, or some sitcom opening title sequence, I always think about the people who worked in the building and those who died in it. Poor bastards. I can appreciate why 9/11 causes so many to pop a fuse.

F*ck terrorism. F*ck senseless violence on the innocent and powerless. F*ck it all.

Above all, f*ck those warmongers who capitalised on it, prolonging the pain, exacerbating the damage and getting our collective necks snapped in the mouse trap.