Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trapped, it turns and...

Worst RNC ad ever?

You be the Judge Judy and Executioner...

FEMALE VOICE: "Hi sexy. You've reached the live one-on-one fantasy line."

Announcer: "A phone number to an adult fantasy hot line appeared on Michael Arcuri's New York City hotel room bill while he was there on official business. And the call was charged to Oneida County taxpayers. Arcuri has denied it, but the facts are there. Who calls a fantasy hot line and then bills taxpayers? Michael Arcuri."

VOICE: "Bad call."

Even if was true, we're talking about a sum of $1.25.

Perhaps a more important issue worthy of discussion prior to an election: who'd lie about a relatively poor and tiny Country's weapons capabilities and insinuate (even explicitly accuse) its' involvement in a traumatic terrorist attack in order to foment support for an invasion?

Yeah, thought so.