Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Don't act surprised

U.S. Says Iran Helped Iraqis Kill Five G.I.’s.

3rd American Soldier Charged in Murder of an Iraqi Civilian.

The facts from these two stories should not come as any sort of surprise to anybody with half a brain. In fact, many (probably all) opponents of the Iraq invasion suggested that it is these types of outcomes i.e. death, murder, neighbouring states involvement which make the Iraq invasion 'not such a crash hot idea'.

Of course, the cheerleaders for the invasion understood also, they just chose to dismiss them and most certainly didn't mention the likelihood that these events would result.

So, the ignorant f*cks that chose to believe the warmonger's bullshit, the war's cheerleaders, the Bush gang, this destruction of life is all your's.

You knew it was coming. Enjoy.