Saturday, July 21, 2007

Scotched gotcha by the drunken writer

Some folks use their imaginations from which to source evidence to smear others. Glenn Milne aka 'The Wrestling Journalist' or as I prefer, that drunken shill for the Gov't, demonstrates why it is a good idea to have a little bit of skepticism toward authority (never had to deal with the cops before Glenn?):

So, Haneef is a known associate of two men who allegedly tried to blow up central London and drove a car loaded with petrol bombs into Glasgow airport. Not only that, he's connected to them via the mechanism used to try to detonate the bombs. On what reading of these facts can you argue against laws designed to at least pick Haneef up and subject him to a sustained period of questioning?

Today's SMH:

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have confirmed their allegations about the key piece of evidence against the doctor - his mobile phone SIM card - are incorrect.

Claims that the SIM was found at the scene of this month's Glasgow Airport attack have not been confirmed, AFP sources have told Fairfax newspapers.

Don't expect any comment, apology or retraction from Milne on this. Maybe he'll prove my imagination wrong.

Oh, and 'liberty lobby', the f*ck is he on about?

Larvatus Purple has a neat post and fun-loving thread on the complete balls up that is the Haneef case.