Tuesday, November 13, 2007

F*ckin' Funny. C*nts!

Roy Edroso:

Now the bloom is a little off the rose. Iraq's a looted shell, Arabia is not yet the 51st state, and the citizens are asking for health care. The mad mostly remain mad, but they're trying -- more modestly, of necessity -- to shift the grounds of debate. A more muscular occupation replaces dreams of Iraqi democracy, Iran offers new hope of revivifying bloodshed, and the next crop of Republicans promise not to embroil themselves in scandals and patronage.

When we laughed at them before, they were roaring so loudly they couldn't hear us. Now they can't help but notice. And they want us to stop. After all, we're only hurting ourselves! I may indeed bust a gut, but that's a chance I'm willing to take.

Yes, poor little dears. After spending the majority of their time and energy writing screeds either ripping apart the institutions and principles which could potentially bring some relief to the downtrodden, or baying for the murder and destruction of all out war, they get ridiculed by the no goodniks. They suffer so for their cause.