Sunday, June 19, 2005


From Newshounds, Bill Clinton Complains About The Media:

Colmes asked, "Are you angry at the people who went after you?"

BC: Not much any more. I really have worked hard on letting it go. ..."Every once in a while, I still get mad but I was more disappointed in some ways in the way the whole, a lot of those things were covered over eight years than what my adversaries were trying to do to me. I mean, the Republicans were in business to beat me and they never really thought, I think they figured that they had a formula that would always beat the Democrats. They never thought we'd have a Democratic president again. They believed President Carter only won because of Watergate and from the time I got elected, the right-wingers thought I was illegitimate and they decided to treat me like that. And it was amazing how much they could depend upon a certain sort of coverage to kind of reinforce that.

Power. Has a habit of wearing down all those who try to oppose it and bring about change.