Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fire in the Hole

One of the many victims of the corrupt and mendacious Bush Admin, Joseph Wilson - Husband of outed agent welcomes trial;

"Whatever the final outcome of the investigation and the prosecution, I continue to believe that revealing my wife Valerie's secret CIA identity was very wrong and harmful to our nation, and I feel that my family was attacked for my speaking the truth about the events that led our country to war," he said.

Mr Wilson has accused top Bush aides of naming her to discredit his criticism of intelligence used to justify the war in Iraq.

"Today is a sad day for America. When an indictment is delivered at the front door of the White House, the office of the president is defiled. No citizen can take pleasure from that," he said.

But.. Clintoon murdered hundreds to get laid and make money from Real Estate! He's way worse!