Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Greater minds than mine

John Quiggin has the same idea as John Howard (which I disputed, below) - Solidarity with Indonesia;

The latest terror attacks, although directed at foreign tourists, are first and foremost an attack on Indonesia and the Indonesian people. It seems pretty clear that Bali is a favoured target in part because the local population is largely (though by no means entirely) non-Muslim and the killers regard any of their fellow-citizens who do not share their religious beliefs as worthy of death. Their aim, along with groups like the unlamented Laskar Jihad is to promote civil war and the overthrow of democracy in Indonesia, so that they can implement their idea of an Islamic caliphate.

If this is true and these guys persist in this manner, things will become real ugly in that part of the world. Which isn't too far from my part.

Power struggles, aren't they great?