Sunday, November 20, 2005

How high, sir!?!

Tell it to the Marine;

Mori came to the conclusion some time ago that the military commissions system is deeply flawed, that these will be political trials, driven by political considerations, that they are not about justice and that neither Hicks nor any other detainee will get anything resembling a fair trial.

"This is a process designed by the President and the Vice-President and the imperative is to get convictions," he says. "This process is nothing like a court martial, nothing like it. I'm still not an expert on international law, but I know enough to know this is not justice."

A bit of a fluff piece on Australia's sole Gitmo detainee's (David Hicks) lawyer, Major Michael Mori.

The Major has become a bit of a celebrity in Oz and for good reason.

Seemingly representing the last man standing in maintaining some semblance of honour and principle within the US Military's compromised justice system (thanks to Cheney & Rummy). He has been honest and outspoken regarding Hicks' predicament.

He has also taken a few shots at the Howard Government's obseqiousness and their total lack of action (unlike every other nation) toward gaining Hick's release and return to Oz. All the while looking your typical jar-head.

The Major is also a Cricket and Rugby fan. Big ups!