Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No War... booty!

US ban on AWB over Iraq bribes;

In the first official action from the Bush administration over the disclosure of bribes to Saddam under the UN food-for-oil program, AWB has been banned from using US credit programs.

The US action is highly embarrassing for the Howard Government as one of President George W. Bush's staunchest supporters on the invasion of Iraq. John Howard spoke to the President on the weekend and is likely to meet him informally at the APEC meeting in South Korea later this week.

Last night Deputy Prime Minister and Trade Minister Mark Vaile said the Government was "seriously concerned" on behalf of Australian wheat growers.

Mr Vaile is seeking an "urgent clarification" from the US Government for the reasons behind the decision of the Department of Agriculture.

Vaile, you dopey cocky, has Australia lost 2,000 of its defence personnel in Iraq resulting in a potential election loss for the ruling political party? No. Work it out, fool.