Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Janet Albrechtsen: Complete f*ckwit

This level of hysteria suggests anti-terror laws are sound;

AUSTRALIA has a new measure of sound public policy. Called the Fairfax Index, it works like this. The more hysterical the hyperbole on a particular topic on the Fairfax opinion pages and the greater the number of progressive pen pals spilling their outrage on the Fairfax letters pages, the more likely it is that the target of their anguish is good public policy. Using the Fairfax Index, the latest anti-terrorism laws must represent very sound public policy indeed.

What a f*ckin' idiot. This is what passes for intelligent opinion from so-called conservatives? By this standard, I should be writing for Murdoch's rag and I'm as thick as two short planks.

At least I wouldn't jump on whatever the Howard Government strap on.

You suck, Janet. I hope you gag on that fat wad of cash.