Wednesday, November 02, 2005

You go to war with the leadership you have...

The likes of Coulter and Malkin(s) are gonna go apeshit when they see the press publicity for this book (doubt they'll read it);

Terrorism experts Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon have reached a stark conclusion about the war on terrorism: the United States is losing.

"Everyone says there's a war of ideas out there, and I agree. The sad fact is that we're on the wrong side," said Benjamin, now a senior fellow at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

Couldn't agree more with this sentiment, but what do I know? Very little, compared to a previous Clinton adviser.

Partisan pontificating can be fun, especially when those likely to (and in fact are so far) suffer as a result of the actions of the leaders of the Coalition of the Suckered by Forged Documents will be any body but.. the leaders.

A terrorist attack which only cost the lives of those completely f*cking things up, as opposed to us hapless plebs, though still tragic, would be less so, I feel. But, in the past, it is the lil'folk who have scored the raw end of the prawn and ain't a damn thing changed.

It's been a long time since my vote went to the eventual winner of a national election, actually it never has. Looks like I will lose, again.