Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fear to rule, OK?

Do not expect arrests yet, says PM;

"What it means is that as issues work out operationally, if I can put it that way, having this new law will mean that the response to situations as they emerge, and they can change every day and new situations can emerge, the authorities will be in a stronger position to deal with it."

So, after using the threat of an immediate attack (hmm, sounds familiar) to justify rushing parts of his 'Anti-Terror' Legislation through, "we need them, now! Waaah", he is now suggesting that the threat is not immediate, or specific and seemingly the new laws will not provide an ability to make arrests. Assume they will not protect us at this stage, also.

This man knows no bounds and is turning out to be an extremely irresponsible PM. Conservative my arse, this guy is pure megalomaniac with little or no ideological principles.

Meanwhile, the opposition (who?) and the State Premiers have gone along with the immediate threat charade. Sh*t is f*cked.

Oh, and it is worth mentioning that apparently the Police are pretty pissed off with the way their investigation has been used.