Saturday, November 12, 2005

Who cry? You cry, 'Wolf!'

Naomi posts over at Larvatus Prodeo on another reason why the Howard Gov't will need another distraction, such as further arrests of terrorists and/or an actual terrorist event;

Bad news for John Howard. Firstly, wheat sales to Iraq are vital, and we've got the first good harvest in years about to go under the combine harvesters right now. Iraq is our major export market for wheat in this age of 'free trade', so that's dire for us. Farmers who can't sell their wheat tend to get quite irate, as do their communities, which usually vote Coalition but are less likely to when their businesses collapse. Secondly, even though the Wheat Board was flogged off to private enterprise a few years back, these filthy contracts were signed when the Board was still under Government ownership, between 1997 and 1999. And the UN is quite firmly of the opinion that it was pretty obvious such corruption was taking place. That means that the buck does stop with the Government - in fact, the Government put the Wheat Board in that mess. Fourthly, Australia is the biggest offender, by far, in this oil-for-food scandal. Our US$220 million or A$290 is more than all the other countries lost via corruption put together.

If you voted for the Howard Gov't, then you voted for some corrupt, Saddam loving, wedge-monkeys.