Sunday, November 20, 2005

Squeezin' one out for a living

Now, this is some pretty neat sh*t from Jonah Goldberg. A perfect curl with a little crimped peak on it. Nice.

You may be able to guess the nature of the article by the title. Below is the first para to set the tone and spur you on to click the link.

A lie for a just cause;

STOP ME IF YOU'VE heard this already. But there are people out there — honest, decent, sincere people and deranged moonbats, too — who think that George W. Bush lied about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. No, seriously, it's true. "Bush lied, people died" is one of their catchier slogans.

Excellent stuff. FDR, Pearl Harbour and WWII cited. Can I get a "C'mon!"?

If you don't wish to smear your brain with this excrement, here's the shorter version from Busy, Busy, Busy;

American presidents always lie when they really, really want to start a war for which they can provide no honest legal or moral justification. Duh!

I assume this is why we have the current meme, that the Right has run out of intellectual steam, gaining so much traction. I'll see that and raise it with an abundance of amorality.