Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Lying Rodent is going down with the ship

Howard heckled in Washington:

Construction worker Jay Marx, 36, repeatedly shouted "John Howard, get out of Iraq. The Bush administration is a sinking ship" as Howard spoke to waiting Australian journalists outside Blair House, the official residence where he and his wife Janette are guests of US President George W Bush.

"Okay, he (Howard) didn't start the war but he supported it from the get-go. So I think anyone who is sending troops is culpable. If no-one but the United States had troops in Iraq, then the facade of international cooperation would end."

Good stuff. I love freedom of speech.

It'd be great to see footage of this. But I doubt Howard's visit would rate the effort to haul a camera crew around.

BTW - 'Marine One'? You wankers.