Saturday, July 29, 2006

Who dares.. lives to continue f*cking up our world

In the feedback section of Crikey's Friday newsletter, is this excellent call from a reader:

Andrew Smith writes: Re. Yesterday's editorial. You make the mistake of assuming your readers actually care whether "terrorist act" is committed against a "high-level Australian politician". I for one am considerably more concerned with the targetting of innocents. The thought that the architects of policies should suffer for their consequences is quite frankly cheering. This would be in stark contrast to the usual Way of the World, which is to exact retribution for the sins of the leaders upon the led. One of the nice things about the (sorta-kinda) democracy we live in is our politicians are eminently expendable. Blow one up, elect another. Next to the safety of my Beloved and our children, that of our elected (un)representatives pales into insignificance.

Word. Amen. True 'dat. I hear ya.