Monday, December 11, 2006

No soup for you!

Iraq’s President Harshly Criticizes U.S. Strategy:

The leaders of the Iraq Study Group, James A. Baker III and Lee H. Hamilton, defended their report on Sunday against Mr. Talabani’s attack. “Up until this point, we’ve given a blank check to the Iraqis,” Mr. Hamilton said on CNN. “And I’m not surprised that the president would like that sort of a deal. But we believe that the American people want our aid to be conditional. We want that aid to be given only if there is a response from the Iraqi government that shows performance.”

The nerve of these clowns. After they’ve completely f*cked up the Iraqi's country by invading it on a neat little bait and switch routine, dropped a pile of bombs and assorted ordnance on their heads, unleashed an indefinable war, they expect Iraqi's to build themselves some hoops and hop on through ‘em on the say-so, like pronto!

Is this the same sort of tough-love tactic Poppa Bush used on Dubya to wean him off the coke and grog?

Yeah, that’ll work.

Me, I like the idea that Talabani hasn’t really shown that he has the sh*ts, until now.

“Sure, kill 500,000 of my people, but don’t be suggesting that we’re some sort of colonial state, bumping around the joint like a child in a walker.”