Sunday, February 18, 2007

Goal post placement post

Hicks to be home 'by year end':

"If he's acquitted, of course, he will be allowed to go."

That quote from Downer is a neat little insight to the position these thugs see themselves in.. absolute power and control. Evil thug mutha-uckers.

Meanwhile, Rudd enjoys the Hicks as a political football (round or oval, who knows? Probably oval considering the lesbian with a bowl cut look-a-like's socio-economic background) metaphor:

"What we will see in the next six months is Mr Howard go on a spending spree to try and buy the next election ... and things like the David Hicks affair which have turned badly for the government he will now try rapidly to engage in catch-up football."

Well, this kind of football can be the best kind if it wasn't for the torture, years of incarceration, lack of charges and no trial date.

Speaking of.. Hew Griffiths.