Monday, November 19, 2007

Gettin' off the bus!

Iraqi footballers vanish, seek asylum:

"This will affect the morale of the other players because we need them badly for the next match," he said. "They could have left after they had done their duty in the next match. This shows disloyalty to their country."

Gotta love sport-o's. Country in a war torn state due to invasion and occupation for last 5 years..? Not an issue big enough to justify leaving your team prior to a crucial Olympic qualifier. C'mon!

Can't blame 'em, the Central Coast of NSW is a nice spot. An out of control 21st requiring the cops to shut 'em down or fire crackers in letter boxes are probably the worse things that could go down in that neck of the woods over the next few months.

Unlike home.

Welcome to the team fellas. Pray for a Labor win and the benevolence of a fresh victory.