Sunday, June 12, 2005

Badr or not Badr

Dahr Jamail, in an article about the ascendancy of the Badr Brigade militia titled State Sponsored Civil War, posts up a couple of emails received from ex and current U.S. servicemen;

Another soldier who will be deployed to Iraq this summer said, “I personally believe it was the wrong war…we should have concentrated more on Afghanistan.”

I wrote him back and told him I honored his desire to serve his country, but wished he had better leadership than the current US administration who led the country into Iraq with lies. He responded,

“I feel honored to meet a great American like you. You know man, sometimes we guys feel betrayed by our own government. I personally signed up to serve my country not to serve any particular leader.”

Another US soldier in Iraq right now writes, “Do I think it (the war) was started for moral reasons? Of course not.”

A moral war?

That's a bit like 'friendly fire' or 'civil war'.

Funny, but not.