Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Old dog, old tricks

So, Ray McGovern manages to make Rumsfeld look like a fool and a liar, then the swift boats attack! Figures. Though I'm sure McGovern knows a trick, or two.

Kurt Nimmo explains why those Neo-cons on the "he's a Commie dupe!", smear angle are a bunch of hypocritical nutjobs:

It is really quite strange to witness former (and in the case of Schwartz, apparently active) Trotskyites slamming Ray McGovern—a former CIA employee who presented morning intelligence briefings at the White House for years—as a commie dupe. McGovern is a distinguished military graduate who served in the US Army from 1962-64 as an intelligence officer, while most if not virtually all of the Straussian neocons are chicken hawks and military service shirkers (recall Cheney had “other priorities” during Vietnam and Rush Limbaugh skipped out due to a pilonidal cyst, an appropriate malady considering his vile personality).

The conservatives are certainly turning on their own. Time for a purge, ay comrades?